Eclectic Design is a graphic design studio located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Operating since 2003, our clientele comes from different industries; corporate, retail, food and beverages. We serve local and also international clients in United Kingdom and United States. As our name suggest, we are eclectic in terms of diversified clients, industries and in designs we come up with. Eclectic also defines the way we approach a design problem. We get our inspiration and design solution from different outlets and way of thinking; from various sources around us.


We specialize in all form of printed communication materials. Business identities, such as logo and stationery. Posters, banners, brochures and annual reports to name a few. We understand that clients have certain needs in promoting their products or services and so with that knowledge, we believe in a collaborative efforts in order to come up with the best possible solution to project brief. We see a project through, from ideas development right up to the printing stages. We believe it is important to ensure good quality end product. Eclectic Design also have talent access for photo shoots through its talent division  Eclectic Faces who specializes in talent management.


Each design task is approached with a well thought out concept. We give full attention no matter how big or small a project is. All for the benefit of presenting an idea well and effective to the public. What sets us apart from the rest is that we take time to understand our clients need and spends time researching and coming up with a good concept. Design to us is not merely putting pretty pictures together but it needs to have a purpose and able to stand on its on. Design with substances has more shelf live. May it just be the colors, looks or photographs. Interesting approach will results in a conversation piece and able to spark interests. Everyone should have equal opportunity in wanting the best for their organization or company. Clients need to know the kind of opportunities that design offers. Not only good designs make a company credible but it also function as a marketing material. From a simple company’s looks, to pages of an attractive annual report. It is the small details that make a difference.


We at Eclectic Design not only believe in good, effective designs but also in full collaboration with our clients. Design is not only about pretty pictures. It is also about human elements. Good human relationships produces better overall quality in our lives. Good design might not change the world drastically but we could present ourselves clearer with our ideas and visions in getting our point across. Isn’t that what clouds us sometimes? The inability to see things clearer in this chaotic world.


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